Back in 2013 I began to develop an interest in the ‘English Bull Terrier’ or simply the ‘Bull Terrier’ after breeding American Bulldog’s for a number of years.

There was something which intrigued me about this breed so I began to do some research. I was always put off somewhat by its barrel bodied shape and exaggerated head shape and the fact it didn’t look like much of an athlete in comparison to other Bull Terrier’s such as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the Pit Bull Terrier.

Some research later I stumbled across a dog which they called the ‘Gull Terr’ commonly found in Pakistan and India. After reaching out to a number of Gull Terr owners and breeders via social media it appeared that the Bull Terrier was taken to undivided India from England a long long time ago, where I am told they retained much of its original form. Many arguing it is more like the original Bull Terrier in both body and mind than the KC examples we see today.

I then came across the name ‘James Hinks’ and read all about the history of the Bull Terrier and the Bull Terrier’s origin. I was still unable to find much more information so I decided to start a Facebook page called ‘Hinks Type Bull Terrier’ (or something to that effect).

I then laboured (half heartedly) posting the link to my page within other groups and pages trying to raise awareness of the plight of the Bull Terrier and how it has drastically changed both in body and mind whilst posting any examples I could find.

I then came across the name ‘Lyndon Ingles’ and many examples of exactly what I had been looking for but still no ‘community’ that I could join, so I ran with the mantra ‘build it and they will come’, and they did, tens of thousands.