What is a slatmill



A slatmill (pictured right) looks somewhat similar to a treadmill (which humans would use for keeping fit). Unlike a treadmill however, it is not powered by an external power source and is powered solely by the dog.

Are slatmills safe?

Yes! not only are well built slatmills safe but are an excellent way to supplement your dogs ecercise routine. The slatmill is powered solely by the Dog, so the dog is able to go at its own pace as quickly or as slowly as it would like and is not forced to stay at a certain pace.

Benefits of slatmills:

  • Supplement your dogs exercise routine
  • Excellent for building cardiovascular health and endurance in a controlled setting
  • Burn off excess energy in destructive dogs
  • Rehabilitation following injury
  • Decreased risk of injury vs many other modes of exercise
  • Can be exercised in all weather conditions
  • Excellent for exercising the dog when the owner may be unable to (incapacitated)

Slatmills in action

Why do some people think slatmills are cruel?

This is a good questions, I have watched videos, similar to those above where the dog is extremely excited and is yelping or barking with excitement (especially bull & terrier breeds) and people have confused this with the dog being in distress or discomfort. Some also hold the mistaken belief that the dog is unable to stop at will and control the speed should it become tired.

The Verdict

Slatmills are an excellent way to condition your dog, the fact the dog is in control of the speed at all times and is able to stop when it wants to ensures the slatmill is in no way ‘cruel’. If the dog is being ‘forced’ to run to absolute exhaustion then this is the fault of the owner and not the slatmill itself. sensible and controlled use is key and the slatmill should be used to supplement your dogs exercise routine, not its sole exercise.